Project I'm working on ...

Remote 3D Visualization Client

This is an interactive 3D remote visualization client for interpreting large spatial-temporal scientific data utilizing cloud compuational cluster from dynamically configured remote serve.

Private Security Monitor

Private Security Monitor (Southeast Asia) Website is a project funded by Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy, University of Denver

Data Engine Metadata Application

This is a Django application for DataEngine metadata generation and administration. This application is for Piton internal use only.

3D Visualization using NASA Web World Wind

This is a 3D web visualization using NASA's Web World Wind JavaScript library that is still under development.

Globe Nocturne

A web application to improve access to global nighttime lights data as my PhD's dissertation project.

MHC Dashboard Application

This is a Django dashboard application for MileHighConnects. This application is for MHC and its partner organizations use only.

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